Robb Wagoner

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A starting entrepreneur maker using CAD/CAM.

Interested in using Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM for CNC

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Hello all. I'm software developer in Arizona and in the past year have gotten into a woodworking hobby. I love creating things and melding form with function. I find woodworking to be a great outlet for that. I'm embarking on a new venture with a CNC to turn my hobby into revenue in partnership with my wife. We won't get our CNC until May or June timeframe, so I've got a good period of time to get my workspace and dust collection ready and do my homework with Fusion 360.

Like others, I do a lot of learning both in the shop and via YouTube. I ended up here based upon Jonathan Katz-Moses channel. I'm watching Brandon's CAD series at the moment. I have installed Fusion, but haven't started using it just yet.ย  I have a couple projects in mind, and will probably start design on one of them soon. I want to start with some simple things first. And build my skills in a gradual manner. I'm expecting to go back and re-watch the CAD series once I start using Fusion. There's so much to learn.

I hope the make(break) community will be another means of education and inspiration for this endeavor!

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