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Stumbled on this today . Just enrolled and watching the course - really good thankyou .ย 

I am just aย  DIY enthusiast. realising as I am nearly at the 50 mark I need to think about long term hobbys . Woodworking really appeals. just love making things as my day job is management and IT. I am hoping as the kids start to grow up and move on I may have more time so have a long term plan to build out my toolset, and skills, build myself a decent workshop or shop as referred too in the states and start creating. My first major project will be a design and build of my own kitchen. My wife thinks I have gone crazy and although I know it may not be cheaper I think it will be better. My only problem is I am slow but for what we are doing we are repositioning our kitchen so I can actually build whilst leaving the old one completely alone. Huge opportunity. Am going to build the frame out of decent birch ply and fronts with 22 or 25 mm moisture resistant MDF .ย 

Christmas will kick this off with my present being a router ( hoping for the Triton TRA001 ), this will be swiftly followed by the kreg K5 jig amongst other things.ย 

I dabbled last summer making hand built dovetails - so looking forward to getting a dovetail jig to use with the router.ย 

Fusion 360 quite frankly is flippin' awesome. Although as I am still in learning mode I have redone the same cabinet about ten times - discovering better and new ways to do it.

To help persuade the missus - I will build a new workbench first - and I have said ill paint up the drawers etc as I would for the kitchen so she can see I can do it ...ย 

currently struggling on the whole using brushes versus sprayer - can't quite justify the cost or space for a sprayer so hoping I get the best tips / good quality rollers to do it the old fashioned way ...ย 

I also am very active in our local church - which has just got a huge new building - so no doubt there will be project opportunities their.ย 

Loving the idea of this community - thanks for setting it up ..ย 

Be really keen to see if there any other UK based folk - because I need to start building a list of decent suppliers etc for my wood and tools here in the uk .ย 
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