Cedric Cogell

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Oh this is awesome, thanks for the link!
I going thru the "Make a bed in Fusion 360" we use "new component" ALL THE TIME. But I noticed that this is not default in Fusion 360. So I looked around, an autodesk team member said this was intended NOT to be default based on some workflow I didnt grok. See his comment here: forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-sup...

What is this process that he mentions? How is it different than the process we have learned in "Make a bed"?
Great question.Β  I will create a new component from a master sketch just because it makes a little more sense to me.Β  One thing they mention in the post which I do a good bit is create everything as a body as first and then convert them all to components.
hey, this is Cedric Cogell "Kedrick" and Im here trying to learn Fusion 360 with the aim to eventually build out a house using the wiki house system by CNC routing plywood and piecing it all together!
Hold up build a house?!?!Β  That sounds incredible, what is the wiki house system?
Im planning to start with a smaller structure like a sauna. The we'll reevaluate the whole house thing🀞

Check out https://www.wikihouse.cc/ and the old stable system is here https://github.com/wikihouseproject/Wren tho it seems the team is set to release a new system they've had in R&D for a while.