Builder / Maker
πŸͺ‘ πŸ€–
Brandon Cullum mostly 3mm square tube we can weld well for our sub frames in cafe's and furniture making. But I haven't tried thicker than this.

Yeah Amazon FBA is cut throat unless you have a fantastic idea, along with great timing.
Brandon Cullum wow your books have great reviews!

I also have an Amazon store Mont Bermion woodworking aprons. Didnt go too well but was a great learning experience.

I'm using MIG not Tig. It's not as pretty but works ok. Most of my welds get painted anyway.
That's awesome!Β 

I also learnt how to weld aluminium recently. So fun and opens up a whole pathway of making.Β 

What a cool side gig, send us the Amazon link I will grab a copyΒ 
Brandon Cullum tell us about you Brandon!Β 

I just started listening to the make or break podcast ☺️
Brandon Cullum 1500mm xΒ  3000mm

Super pumped!
Side hobbies, I'm a guitarist so definitely want to make these one day!
Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Ricky

From Sydney Australia

I'm a shopfitter, fitout contractor building mainly cafe's and restaurants. I'm a licensed builder so I take on the whole room and project manage the whole process.Β 

We started the joinery side of things 4 years ago and now have a shop and CNC machine on the way from USA. (Avid CNC)Β 

Favorite makers are Diresta, Jay Bates, Frank Howarth, Matthias wandel to name a few.Β 

I'm interested in learning signage especially, as well as sharing all my complex cafe jobs we can get this CNC machine to do!Β 

Im a newbie on the fusion/CNC so I will be picking all your brains hahaΒ 

Looking forward to it 😊 stay safe
Hi Justin 😊