Kevin Bailey


Side Project

I picked up a Raspberry Pi a few months ago to configure a PiHole Ad Blocker for my network. Bonus points because it helps me showcase projects for my day job in boring land of IT Project Management. The Pi then had project after project added until I began configuring a Magic Mirror. So I purchased a Monitor, a Pi, and a $300 piece of two way glass.ย 

I was like what the hell man, I can't have some janky frame encapsulating my touch screen magic mirror that will be in my living room! So I have a design in my head and since learned that Fusion 360 is a free software that does CAD & CAM. The CAM portion is important because I want to CNC Route the frame in what is and has been a great learning experience.ย ย 

I need to crawl before I can walk or run. I watched a few videos on youtube and loved your style so here we are!ย ย