Dori Alameda

Woodworker Hobbiest
Hello, I am a dental Hygienist in Florida living the life. I have been doing woodworking for 10 years for fun but have really upped my skills this last year. I love the beach, kayaking, bike riding, hiking, and Im new to 3D printing.

Hello from the sunshine state!

I am a Dental Hygienist In SW Florida. I have been doing woodworking for over 10 years. ย Nothing special, but I have upped my game this last year because I have had the year off. ย I have built some things I am quite proud of. ย I learned Sketchup last year, but I keep hearing that Fusion 360 is better. I am also new to 3 D printing so I have learned some fusion 360 already. ย I can't seem to carry the small amount of modeling I can do into making woodworking plans so Im excited to take the course. ย I also like the outdoors-- Kayaking, biking, hiking, watching the sunset and laying in my hammock with a good book soaking in the sunshine. ย 
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