josh sylvester

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building a robot army to do my bidding while I turn beautiful bowls.

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I love the idea of the pinned topics, but on a laptop screen (2560 x 1600) I can see 6 active members, then the first 7 pinned topics. The last two pinned topics get cut off, and due to the way that sidebar is built - you can't scroll down to see more than 7 pinned topics. not a big deal, just letting you know.

Joy from the act of making!

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Are you having fun making? Is being covered in sawdust causing to you smile like lunatic? Is somehow incorporating digital tools into woodworking sound like the best thing ever?

For me - it's a resounding HELLS YES!

Josh. 42. Father & Husband who plays a UI Architect during the day. Weekends are time for Making! I love all aspects of making, but would definitely consider myself still a beginner, and still learning... which is why I'm here. I have a basic shop setup in my one car garage, with the basics to do most woodworking. I'm also a turner, and spend more time doing that than I do with everyday woodworking... throwing ribbons through the air is just simply more enjoyable than choking on sawdust.

I'm here in the m(b)c because the digital side of things is my next learning task to tackle. I've got a Ender 5 3D printer, a mini (sub $200) laser engraver, and now... a OneFinity CNC "woodworker", lucking out to receive one of the first pre-orders that were shipped.

With 3D software, I started off with Sketchup Pro about 7 years ago (back when it was still a download, and still free), but struggled with the fact that it was so manual to do everything, and that I felt like we spent all of my time drawing multiple guides to define almost every object.

Parametric modeling is the way of the future!
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