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Building a desk

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Hello everyone,

I am looking at some insight on thoughts your would have on taps and bolts for a desk i am designing.

i embedded 1/4 inch inside each part where they would be connected.ย  My original plan was to use a tap and drill bolt holes from the outside.ย  Now, I am trying to figure out a way/design that I could hide those outside holes.ย  Perhaps another way?ย  dzus fasteners, perhaps?ย  The table is fairly large size and would be considerable in weight.

dzus fastener:

Zoom/Skype meetings

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Would anyone be interested in a periodic digital meetup to discuss projects, problems, and general chat?ย ย 

Also, maybe creating a Discord server.

Tried something new

๐Ÿช‘ ๐Ÿค–
Made a "frame" for and Ultra4.ย  I think after about ten more tries it would look legitimate.ย  60in wide 148in length.ย  It was just thrown together.

Fun Idea

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I was thinking about a fun way for people to get involved and thought about a challenge series.ย  I personally thrive off competition and thought it would be great motivation for others as well.

  1. Set a given time frame for all to be involved: Monthly, or Weekly
  2. Maybe list a tool you found to be useful to accomplish a task
  3. Post photo of finished product on Challenge article
    • Post progress if you wish

New Dice Box

๐Ÿช‘ ๐Ÿค–
Hey all,

I decided to use some aspects from the CAD tutorial to make a box.ย  Instead of creating various bodies, I made each component and fitted the edges with joints.ย  I added an engraving on the top lid for a little flair.

Saying hello

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Hello Community!ย  I joined to learn more Fusion 360 and prior to the course I took the "ill figure it out approach".ย  I think the parameters will be extremely useful knowledge and hope to attain 3D modeling expertise for projects I know I want to do.ย  I have been learning Fusion for the past 6 months and have incorporated Vectric VCarve Pro in my learning as well

I have on order a CAMaster Stinger 3 X3 with indexing lathe.ย  Hopefully taking on a variety of projects to get my business up and running. I was tired of sitting at a desk in a manufacturing facility.ย 

Few Designs (few are finished and others not so much):