Hey everybody!  Welcome to the Make or Break Shop Community.

We are makers of all types from around the world.  Whether you work with wood, metal, digital fabrication, electronics, etc... this is a place to connect, learn and share the incredible things that you've made.  Here are a few guidelines to make yourself at home:

  • Fill your profile.  Add a tag line (most people will pick they type of things they like to make), description, and links to your personal website, Instagram, etc.
  • Introduce Yourself.  Create a new topic in this channel and tell us about yourself!  Just hit the button above (like the screenshot below)
  • Start a build log.  One of the easiest ways to get involved is to start a build log about what you're making in the Build Log Channel.  Whether it's a year long dream project or something that will take a weekend, post it and ask questions and get feedback!
  • Start or join a conversation.  You can navigate the channels on the left hand side.  These are similar to channels in Slack or Discord and are centered around a specific making subjects.  If there is a channel you would like to add just let me know!
  • Foster thoughtful conversations.  While channels are similar to Slack and Discord this community isn't designed to be an avalanche of notifications, where you feel like you've got to read everything in real time to stay on top of it.  The Make or Break community is designed to be asynchronous, slow and intentional conversations.  I've taken huge inspirations from the old school forums on the past (some of my favorites are the R2 Builders Club, The Replica Prop Forum and Lumberjocks Forum)..but with an updated and fresh approach.
  • Make it yours.  This is your community. Got a question, suggestion or feedback?  Want to organize a new interest group or host an event?  Please share in the Feedback & Suggestions channel.

That's it!  I can't wait to grow this community alongside you as we all learn how to become better makers.

Optional introduction template:

[Intro] Your name

1. Where I'm based
2. The types of things I love to make.
3. My main gig.
4. My side gig
5. Some of my favorite makers.